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Available for PD4U VIP GOLD PARKING : New and unique to Heathrow parking here is what makes PD4U really special:


We expect our carefully selected providers to deliver you the service you expect or you can claim money-back:


1. You will be met on-time as pre-booked online on date of departure (Or claim 33.3% back)*


2. You will be met on-time as pre-booked on-line on date of return (Or claim 33.3% back)*


3. Your car will be returned to you in the same order with no more than 25 miles on the clock (Or claim 33.3% back)*


All you have to do is ensure you closely follow the service instructions on the dates of your travel and then supply proof / data of the above in the unlikely event that we fall short. Ensure the necessary paperwork is signed during provision of the service, then send this to us so PD4U can action your claim by way of validation and calculation of the money-back adjustment based on the above criteria.


*Terms & Conditions For PD4U Money Back Guarantee

Available for PD4U VIP GOLD PARKING bookings only. The Money Back Guarantee is in place for any reasonable claim where the customer has followed instructions and provided reasonable evidence to support a claim. Decision on whether a Money Back Claim is valid rests with PD4U. Claims can only be considered if accurate evidence as above is supplied within 24 hours of return to the UK- directly to PD4U via email. A claim for money back regarding aspect 1 or 2 as above will only be considered if the customer can prove that they followed the instructions as per the service paperwork and made the notification calls successfully to the Operations Team on the telephone number supplied in the booking confirmation email.No Money Back claim will be valid if a customer has failed to make the calls successfully at the required times or if they have failed to advise PD4U of any change that would affect aspect 1 or 2 as above e.g if the incorrect date was provided at time of booking or if a return flight is changed without this being communicated in advance to PD4U via the route requested (email or text). No Claim will be valid if the customer has provided incorrect or missing information when booking.

To Claim against aspect 3 on mileage, we recommend taking a photograph with a smartphone prior to car handover of the mileage on date of departure and another photo immediatly when car has been returned to customer on date of return so that viable evidence can be provided to PD4U, along with the written paperwork which is completed with the PD4U Operations Team. Claims against aspect 3 will not be valid if higher mileage is due to circumstances outside the control of PD4U on dates of travel e.g road closures resulting in a different route being necessary. Aspect 3 'Same Order' means as you handed it over to PD4U but in-line with the main Terms & Conditions of PD4U so excludes the exceptions contained therein. (For example PD4U does not take responsibility for any bird mess/ dust build-up / or mud related issues given our compounds are off-airport and non-covered. Any cases deemed excessive however will be considered.

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